Seasons Of Sun
  by Paula Burzawa


Latest News:

Winter 2020

Here we go again with a new year, a new decade, new book events and another novel in the works!  Check the Events! page for details!

Fall 2019

Back at the computer, working on book 4, Eternal Stones events keep coming. I'm especially excited to be home again at St. John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church in Des Plaines in November. This is where it all began, so coming full circle to share my latest book is truly special. See you there!

Summer 2019

The book tour is under way, and the energy is palpable as everyone shares such similar, hilarious, insightful memories of European travel as depicted in Eternal Stones and Other Memories of Greece. I look forward to meeting you all! 

Fall 2018:

It's coming...the latest book by Paula Burzawa entitled Eternal Stones and Other Memories of Greece. Already bestowed with the Editor's Choice award, this collection of essays is set to release before the end of 2018, so stay tuned, your passport will once again be stamped with a marvelous return to the Mediterranean.

Winter 2017-2018:

While research continues on my third novel, the sequel to Tasso's Journey, a fourth book is also underway!  A gathering of short stories and essays detailing modern day travels to Greece, and in particular, the village of Vassara is currently in the works. As a sort of 'Seasons of Sun' sequel that so many readers requested, I just had to gather the 'what happened next' in this funny but also warm-hearted collection that will take you along on a journey to the village that has touched the hearts of so many. With today's technology, even Vassara has found a way to move with the changes. Some things, however, like family and village pride, will forever stay the same. I think you'll love this one as much as the first! Stay tuned...details to come....

Summer 2016:

Research continues for the THIRD book in this series, detailing Tasso's daughter Maria on her journey to America.  We'll pick up where Tasso's Journey left off as the adventure continues.  Also, an insightful and humorous collection of short essays on Greece in modern day is in the works. Stay tuned.....

Spring 2016: The tour continues!

Catch more speaking dates and booksignings as the tour continues all over the Chicagoland area. Both Tasso's Journey and Seasons of Sun will be presented at various locations.


Summer 2015:

Read all about it!

Seasons of Sun / Tasso's Journey newspaper coverage:


Listen in to the WBEZ Radio interview for Tasso's Journey at the following link:


Spring 2015:

With the release Tasso's Journey, the prequel to Seasons of Sun, all is a buzz with new dates being added to the book tour. Check out the EVENTS! page for a schedule of booksignings of the latest in Paula's series.


Winter 2014: New Website Name coming soon!

Look soon for - the new home of Seasons of! As preparation for the release of Tasso's Journey, the prequel to Seasons of Sun, the website will become More details coming! 


Summer 2014: Seasons of Sun has just earned author Paula Burzawa a nomination for the Illinois Soon to Be Famous Author Project. Created in order to assist Illinois libraries in discovering authors "whose work will jump off the page for readers," this nomination of Seasons of Sun was made by the Arlington Heights Memorial Library. 

Per the project's press release, “Libraries and librarians are experts at recognizing exceptional literature and promoting the works of authors. We are just taking this role a step further and transforming it into an exciting project for writers and libraries,” said Dee Brennan, Executive Director of RAILS (Reaching Across Illinois Library System). What a wonderful project, and what an honor to be nominated!

Thank you Arlington Heights Memorial Library!



Winter/Spring 2014 - As book signings continue, Paula will attend the silver anniversary of the Midwest's most premier writer's conference at University of Wisconsin in Madison.  Look for exciting news to come on the publication of Seasons of Sun's prequel, out this year!


Summer 2013 - Book signings continue across the country this summer! Catch any of the new dates recently added to the book tour schedule.  Stops include Florida, Indiana, and much more. See EVENTS page for further details.


Spring 2013 - Paula Burzawa will join a selected group of writers at Sirenland Writer's Conference in Positano, Italy!  With her newest novel in tow, a prequel to Seasons of Sun, Paula will be mentored by the best of the literary world and share followship of other authors to put make her latest novel ready for publication. See more details at 


February 2013 - Thank you Greek Star Newspaper for the wonderful article!


Fall 2012 - Author Paula Burzawa's poetry about Vassara is featured on the home page of Click on the "links" page of this website, then click on the "Vassara" tab to enjoy.


Summer 2012 - Travel along with  the Seasons of Sun blog that takes you on a 'virtual' trip to Europe this year! Follow along at for a travel log of the author's latest trip to Greece with beautiful pictorials, and fun anecdotes of an  unforgettable journey.  Stay tuned to the blog for updates, info on events and photos!


Spring 2012 - Seasons of Sun is placed in Barnes & Noble Rising Star Special Collection Boutique! Follow the link below as Seasons of Sun is honored with placement in this special collection from Barnes & Noble!


February 2012 - Seasons of Sun gets praises from 19th Annual Writer's Digest Book Awards:

"Paula is a talented writer whose love for the Mother of God makes her work deep and important... The only real flaw I find in this book is that it ended!"


January 2012 - Seasons of Sun wins Reader's Choice Award!  Thanks to all the many readers, Seasons of Sun has now been given the Reader's Choice Award based on number of copies sold!  Thank you all! Hope you and your loved ones continue to enjoy my story, and pass the word!


November:  Seasons of Sun author Paula Burzawa competes for Sirenland 2012 entry. Results to be announced this December!


October: Paula Burzawa's second novel complete! More details to follow!


Sepetember:  Seasons of Sun celebrates its First Birthday!  Closing in on Reader's Choice award!


July: Keep an eye out for the latest issue of The Greek Star as Seasons of Sun will be featured in the paper's special Book Shelf section!

Greek Star Article: Arlington Heights author pens beautiful memoir of Greece and the simple village life.

To view full article click on the link below:


June: Barnes & Noble has just added Seasons of Sun to its Rising Star Special Collection boutique at

Follow the link for details: